Chasing the perfect stream

Monday, November 18 2013


Internet penetration rates in Latin America are still relatively low compared to established markets like Europe and North America. But they are catching up fast. Really fast.

When I was in the region this time last year; the major thing on people’s minds was cable diversity. But on the back of significant infrastructural investments the focus has quickly shifted to quality. It’s a trend we’ve seen with every form of communication I guess. First comes connectivity, then quality, then an insatiable demand for better and better quality. I remember back to my early years in Sweden, where sports like rugby and cricket are not so popular. At first I was just happy to find a stream that worked. Now I go crazy if I don’t have the perfect stream. Quality must move forward, because users won’t go back.

TSIC has experienced rapid growth since entering the LATAM market around 18 months ago (shooting up from #11 to #4  in the Renesys rankings*). Talking with our customers; I put this down to quality of experience (QoE). This is not only the quality of our service, but also the quality of interaction we provide. Another critical aspect of our success has been hiring people with a deep local understanding of the markets they manage.

Latin America is demonstrating rapid growth as connection speeds, mobile penetration and breadth of online content all play their part. And with the pending FIFA World Cup and Rio 2016, this is set to be one of the most exciting and growing regions in years to come. Exciting and growing but also demanding on us as a carrier. We at TSIC pride ourselves on quality (the Carrier Declarations are testament to that) and have therefore been increasing local presence and developing our network infrastructure to support the demands our customers are placing on us.

With our recent network expansion in the US, our Latin American customers will find it even easier to do business with us. Meanwhile we are thinking ahead in order to be prepared for the future challenges this booming region will throw at us.

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