How do we deal with the explosive traffic growth?

Friday, November 22 2013


During the last couple of months, the traffic growth in our network (AS1299) has been tremendous. So how do we handle this?

The answer is in the fiber. We were one of the “crazy” companies in the late 90s that went out and actually dug down our own ducts. On most routes, we installed 192-fiber cables – to make sure we “never” run out. Today, we are far from running out of fiber, but we have realized that we need more fiber on some of the routes where traffic is growing fastest. We need a further meshed network to avoid sending traffic long distances during outages. It also benefits customers buying dual routes with almost identical latency on both routes.

To really serve customers with a complete red and blue network (the TSIC way of making sure we have two fully diverse paths to every node), you need a very fine meshed network with two international networks nodes (PoPs) in each city. We have therefore decided to increase the number of fiber routes we have within Europe. This will help us to meet ever-increasing traffic demand. This has been done through a number of deals that will expand our fiber footprint. The final part in this project to add more fiber will be completed during 2014. This will mean we can not only increase total traffic, but we can also avoid the large CAPEX costs of unnecessary back up routes required to ensure availability.

By expanding our network in this way, we will be able to provide an even better experience for our customers – and they will be able to provide a better experience for their customers.

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