Is this the world’s best data center location?

Tuesday, February 18 2014


I heard the other day that there is a need to build another 100 data centers (+5MW) size in Europe by year 2020. This to satisfy the ever increasing traffic and storage demand. A data center of this size will consume a lot of energy and require a lot of cooling unless placed in a location were the natural environment will be the best supporter. Best supporter in this case in terms of green energy resources and a climate that offers free cooling capabilities almost all year around.

Not many places in Europe can offer this but a fairly large region in northern Sweden and northern Finland have all these factors already in place. You would naturally then think that these remote places would most likely then be totally lost of connectivity but then you would be surprised how well the fiber network is developed in these areas. The fact is that there is actually even more fiber on its way. To satisfy the demand for connectivity to these areas we have started to bring the excavators again to install even more long distance fiber to the northern region of Sweden and Finland.

All of this combined with one of Europe’s most robust economic system and almost no seismographic activity makes this region the perfect place for the next coming data centers.

I explore this topic further in my Slideshare presentation below

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