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Wednesday, February 19 2014


Have you read Catherine Haslam blog or Ovum’s Wholesale Customer Survey report? Here I share some of the communications service providers (CSPs) buying gems from the report including how they think carriers perform.

June 2013…
As Instagram announced it was adding video uploads and Edward Snowden flew to Moscow, CSP buyers were busy answering Ovum’s questions. It is a survey conducted every two years, and we encouraged our customers to take part. After 6 months of sleepless nights, some probably spent on Instagram and in airports, those clever analysts published 10800 words and 37 illustrations of analysis and insight.
So what were the findings?

Rating of Purchasing Decision Making Critieria Source OVum

Rating of Purchasing Decision Making Critieria
Source Ovum

Price, Repair Response, Service levels and Relationship

Buying services such as international voice, IP transit, IPX, Ethernet, cloud or managed services got more complex in 2014. But 13 purchasing criteria emerged as key and can be ranked in importance to the purchasing decision (BELOW). Interestingly, comparing the results to previous years’ surveys, the top four criteria became more important.

So, carriers need to focus on pricing, repair response times, service level factors and relationship as part of their customer experience management right? Yes, but there’s more to learn.

Improving repair response will directly improve business

Ovum also surveyed the performance of carriers as perceived by communications services

Source: Ovum

Source: Ovum

buyers. Ranking those same 13 key criteria produces some telling results (BELOW). As a group carriers generally perform, or over-perform, against price, service-levels and relationship. But nearly two thirds of carriers fail their customers’ expectation against repair response times. Clearly this is the number one area for carriers to improve

Close the gap by improving Flexibility, Service Packaging and lead times

If we look at the remainder of the difference between customer requirements and the perceived performance by carriers, there is an opportunity to move from supplier to trusted partner. Closing what I labelled as the “Supplier Performance Gap” on the chart above presents opportunity to differentiate. Becoming a real business partner involves bridging the gap in expectations on Flexibility, Service Packaging and lead times as well as that all important response-to-repair-time.

Customer Centricity is our culture
In this age of the customer, at TSIC we’re working to improve our customer experience. Further, we’re working hard to make customer centricity our culture. Only time will tell how successful we and other customer centric carriers will become. I guess we’ll be able to count in Ovum to tell us in two years time!

With permission from Ovum.

Further reading?
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