A passion for purple in Latam

Wednesday, February 19 2014


Edison De Leon is TeliaSonera´s own Purple Heart. Now, this is not a rare disease or a military decoration, it means that he lives the TeliaSonera International Carrier brand like no one else. And goes to great lengths to do it.

As Regional Sales Director, Latam & Caribbean Edison De Leon handles one of the most vibrating regions in the world with exceptional growth and development. This calls for some dedication for the customer needs beyond the call of duty. Edison takes this to a whole new level and have now been awarded with the Purple Heart Award at a recent sales conference in Stockholm, Sweden with attendants from over 20 countries.

The jury´s motivation for the Award was: “For really living the brand, and also turning his golf car into a purple passionate statement. And also doing this thoroughly by asking Marketing for the exact PMS color code before painting his cart purple.”
At the award ceremony I asked Edison a couple of questions, this is how he answered.

“It’s all about paying attention to details”, Edison says. “As the saying goes – the devil is in the details – and that includes customer relations as well as the correct tint of purple”.

Why do you think you won the award?

“Because of the great effort made by the TSIC-team in the Latam and Caribbean region after only two year of doing business in this emerging market.  Also in creating a positive customer experience in the sale and customer service which really differentiates TSIC from other competitors.”

What does this award mean to you?

“It is very important to me as it is the result of many hours of work as well as business travels doing what I really like.  Being committed with TSIC and perseverance is the result of the success achieved.”
Edison also invites any customer to a game of golf including a trip in his purple (with the exact tint) golf car.
“Yep! Please contact me at edison.de.leon@teliasonera.com and we’ll try to find a time. Me and my golf car are mostly based in Panama City.

About Edison De Leon
• 37 years old
• 2 years with TSIC as Regional Sales Director Latin America & Caribbean
• Lives in Panama City, Panama but travels extensively to secure the best customer experience
• Likes F-1 racing, hunting and baseball
• Spends his free time going to the movies and hang out with friends with a good BBQ.