IPX on the agenda in the Middle East

Sunday, March 2 2014


Conference season! In reality, though, when is it not? The wholesale market is fast becoming a truly global affair, and so it follows that the number of must-attend events is increasing at a similar pace. March sees TSIC represented in both Latin America and the Middle East, our first port of call being Dubai for Capacity Middle East 2014. Feedback is best received face-to-face, and we certainly have no intention of missing out on valuable time with customers and partners alike.

This is a conference we have been attending for several years now, but we are sending our largest delegation to date this time around, an indication of the tremendous strides we have made in the Middle East in the past 12-18 months and our firm belief in the growth potential of the region. Representatives from each of TSIC’s business lines as well as senior management will be in attendance.

The launch of three PoPs in the region sends a strong signal of intent and will provide the backdrop to many of our discussions this week. Servicing Arabic content would be the obvious motivation for our network expansion, but at the same time, local operators are eager to pull down content from elsewhere, in particular gaming and media – which we are well placed to facilitate.

We are clearly established as a major voice aggregator in the Middle East, but that is not enough. IPX is beginning to dominate the agenda in the voice and mobile community, and we like to think we know a thing or two about it – see whatisipx.com for details. Advancing our dialogue in that area is our first priority given the trends we are seeing, with MNOs in the region – early adopters of domestic LTE technologies – shifting their focus to the demands of 4G roamers wanting a secure, seamless experience equal to their homeland 4G network. This is a challenge we are more than happy to address with TSIC’s diameter routing solution and we look forward to some fruitful discussions.

An excellent few days is on the cards, and you are more than welcome to visit us at our booth, which we have dressed specially for the occasion.

So, see you in Dubai!