Capacity Middle East – The epicenter of innovation

Saturday, March 8 2014


Capacity Middle East March 3-5, was abuzz with new developments – the launches of new cable systems, new services, more points of presence, carriers adding new partnerships and companies celebrating birthdays!! It feels good to be at the epicentre of the innovation that is driving education, creativity and economic growth in the Middle East.

The coming year will be an exciting one for technology companies in the region and I find it hugely rewarding to see how communications are enriching people’s lives and supporting human growth in the Middle East. The social impact of the work that we at TeliaSonera International Carrier and other carriers are doing at the moment is truly exciting. As we open our new points of presence in Doha, Dubai and Muscat it’s inspiring to know that we can make a genuine difference as people seize the opportunity to do more online whether it be for business or pleasure through their mobile phones or indeed connect via a smartphone for the first time in their lives. As young people in the region become switched on to the opportunities of the digital economy, it is truly inspiring to see them embrace the opportunities of these technologies.

From this weeks’ event it is clear to see that the future of our industry is data. People increasingly see mobile access to the internet as a basic right and as smartphones become more advanced and more easily available – that drives demand for data ever higher. The challenge for us and for other carriers is to ensure that our networks are robust enough to meet the need of consumers – so that everyone can benefit from access to the new data revolution.

Leveraging strategic partnerships and collaboration with Middle Eastern carriers will increasingly be the key to long term growth in the region as wholesale and enterprise markets will increasingly need fast, resilient, end-to-end connections for large capacity requirements. As we look forward to the continued explosion in mobile connectivity plus the proliferation of cloud, big data and HD video services – it feels great to be part of such an exciting and unfolding story!

Margot Moussey