The Internet Hall of Fame – a celebration of invention, innovation and ingenuity.

Friday, March 28 2014


There are many people who have contributed to the creation and development of the global Internet and without them, our lives would be very different. There would be no @, no www and certainly no Anywhereization. The Internet Society believed it was important to establish a program to recognize the contributions of these people and honor them as the visionaries, leaders and luminaries that they are. TeliaSonera International Carrier is therefore proud to sponsor the Internet Hall of Fame. We believe it is important to acknowledge those who helped build our industry because we are going to need more like them. As we build towards the next 5 billion end users, we are going to need new pioneers – with new ideas and the passion to keep changing the world.
When selecting new inductees, Internet enthusiasts from around the world are invited to make nominations. Nominee applications are then reviewed and screened by the Internet Society to ensure they meet the nomination criteria and eligibility.There have been 65 inductees from 17 countries since 2012 and this year, 24 new names will be added to the list.

Essentially nomination is open to anyone who has played a significant role in the conceptualization, construction, and development of the Internet, in any country of the world. In addition to those who have been more visible, the Internet Hall of Fame also seeks nominees who have made a crucial, behind-the-scenes contribution.
The Internet Hall of Fame Advisory Board and a select group of past inductees make the final selection for induction into one of three categories:

  • The Pioneers Circle, which recognizes individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet.
  • The Innovators, which recognizes individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, regulatory or policy advances and helped to expand the Internet’s reach.
  • The Global Connectors, which recognizes individuals from around the world who have made major contributions to the growth, connectivity, and use of the Internet, either on a global scale or within a specific region or community.

The Internet Hall of Fame isn’t just about past achievements though, it is a celebration of innovation, ingenuity and building the Internet of tomorrow. At the inaugural ceremony in 2012, Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock gave a very memorable speech about passing the torch on to a new generation.

This was a poignant moment, because many of the people in the room had played a key role in fostering the Internet in its earliest years. These people started a revolution, and this was truly a moment to reflect on the impact of their contributions.

As we approach the 3rd Internet Hall of Fame, the Internet Hall of Fame is looking forward to a bright future. To quote Scott Hoyt, Vice President of Strategic Communications at ISOC:

“We expect the Internet Hall of Fame to grow and evolve over the years, just as the Internet continues to evolve. With support from our partners, we can foresee a dynamic future that includes expanding the scope to recognize more diverse contributions to the Internet, more insights and predictions into the future direction of the Internet, and greater engagement with online users through interactive and educational content.”