On brand and off script at ITW

Friday, May 23 2014


It was probably not the answer they expected. On the innovation panel at International Telecoms Week, I was asked, “Why is it important to innovate beyond connectivity?” I answered, “It isn’t”.

While many of our competitors are diversifying into their customers’ business areas, our focus is on doing what we do best – and that’s connectivity. Being the carrier of the future doesn’t mean inventing the future; our job is to enable others to do it at the speed of fiber. That’s why our focus is on innovating connectivity – not beyond it.

Our two latest innovations are good examples of this. The first is managed DRX, a customer-friendly solution that solves the international 4G/LTE roaming challenge. This is the first fully managed service of its kind and will make life much easier for our mobile customers. It is services like this that are the reason we built our global IPX – and why we did it properly (If you’re not sure what I am talking about, check out whatisipx.com).

The second innovation is for operators and large scale content providers. Network on Demand will effectively give them their own network that they can rapidly scale up as and when they need to. This can be in the form of an optical private network or a managed optical network, similar to those we already provide today for the likes of Facebook and Rostelecom.

My other reflections on ITW were that, as always, it was a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and see how we are tracking with our customers. It is a chance to stay tuned to how their needs are changing and how we can keep meeting them. And from what I heard this year, our latest innovations are here just in time.


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