4 Key take aways from Capacity Eurasia

Monday, September 22 2014


It was great to be in warm and sunny Istanbul last week and to meet and listen to many of our carrier and operator customers in the region. It felt very much like a case of being in the right place at the right time, with Istanbul being close to our TeliaSonera Group Eurasian operators and at the epicenter of our Group mobile assets stretching from Spain to Nepal.

Spending 3 to 4 days in the city, what struck me most was the almost universal uptake of the mobile internet…a great example of Anywhereization. Seemingly everyone using innovative and collaborative applications on the go. Indeed, at Capacity Eurasia both operators and carriers like were discussing and debating how best to connect innovation and innovate connectivity. There was a real feeling of optimism and reinvention at the conference as we considered the opportunities presented by end users embracing the innovations of big data and growing use of contextual services. Despite some political risks, we could all agree that with data volumes growing exponentially and much more dynamically than in the past there would be no go-slow and that more terrestrial capacity and infrastructure is needed. The key conference theme for me was, how do we help end users – be they individuals or businesses innovate and grow?

A lot of time was spent looking at how IPX has really started to gain a foothold, what’s driving the uptake, how to maximize the opportunity and what comes next? It was also acknowledged that 100G is becoming the network standard and that 4 factors:

Exceptional customer focus
• Technology and the right business model
• Deliveries: from months to moments
• Outstanding reliability

These are the key factors to, not only combating the price erosion of traditional revenue streams, but to connecting innovation and innovating connectivity.