Season’s greetings from Brendan

Friday, December 19 2014


In the year the web turned 25, “Flappy Bird” was the 6th most Googled term, and a Kickstarter raised $55,000 to make potato salad.

But what really caught my eye looking at this year’s Google trends, was that questions starting with “how” have become far more common than those starting with “what”, “who” or “why”. I think it shows the increasingly important role the Internet plays in our lives. It’s often said that the Internet is business-critical. But for most of us, it has also become quality-of-life-critical.

So what sort of a year did we have at TeliaSonera International Carrier? Well, we ended the year being voted as the world’s best wholesale carrier, so I guess that says something. But how did we get there?

We started out by declaring that, “Geography is History”, with the opening of our new PoPs in the Middle East. Then we continued our North American expansion with new PoPs in Dallas and Boca Raton. This had the added benefit of increasing our diversity into Latin America and things sort of snowballed from there.

By the middle of the year, we were regularly sitting in the #1 position in the Renesys (now Dyn) global IP rankings – quite an achievement considering we were number 7 only 3 years ago.

But more important than fiber or rankings, is that we are strengthening our customer-centric approach throughout the company. We are living in the age of the customer and they must guide everything we do. All too often in our industry, companies become so focused on what they are doing, they forget the reason they are doing it. Last year, we focused on understanding the end user and their demands. This year, we focused on how we can better support our customers to meet these demands. We have already made a number of changes and expect our customers to experience the positive results from early 2015.

On the product side, this year we started to see the benefits of 100G-enabling our North American and European backbones. 100G take up is healthy and it is good to be well positioned to benefit from this. In the mobile space, we launched our Diameter signaling (“DRX”) service. This has been well received as operators prepare to meet the demand for global 4G roaming. We can now reach 100 mobile operators in 50 countries.

Looking forward to 2015, I am not going to give away any secrets yet. But let’s just say there will definitely be more fiber, and probably less flappy bird. I hope you all have a great festive season – whatever you’re celebrating.