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Learning culture improves customers’ experience

6 years ago

In the Engineering field, learning is a never-ending process and it has many forms. A perfect job for me is the one where I never stop learning and developing as there is nothing more demotivating for me than a bureaucratic job. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” In fact, not learning anything new for a while exhausts my mind.

At TSIC, our job may look like a bureaucratic one since we have routines for almost everything. Each of our routines is curated to the finest detail due to the extensive revisions that we hold as I mentioned in my previous post. But, our job is far from bureaucracy actually since we learn from each other on daily basis. Our bottom-up approach of management encourages our creativity in solving problems and coming up with new ideas all the time.

It isn’t just about us teaching each other but also we get to attend training for new products and technical training to strengthen our knowledge. Last summer, I travelled with my colleagues Hamdi and Hanna to Karlstad in Central Sweden for a study trip since we have our Incident Management Centre there. Also our Roaming Knowledge Leaders Shawn and Fredric went to Gothenburg where we have our second line of voice support.

TSIC’s Incident Management Centre in Karlstad
TSIC’s Incident Management Centre in Karlstad

Visiting our Incident Management Centre was a great experience from many aspects. The building itself is breath-taking since it is built 30 meters underground in a way that makes it totally isolated from the outside world so the operations would stay normal no matter what happens outside. The Centre has everything needed to sustain itself without anything from the outside for at least a couple of weeks! Everything there is very well-taken care of, from air pressure and temperature to the lighting to make sure that everyone doesn’t feel like they’re locked way underground. Besides taking a tour , we learned a lot about how the unit functions as they are not just supporting us but also monitoring Sweden and Denmark’s networks.

In Karlstad
In Karlstad

A lot of people at TeliaSonera think of the company as a big school since there are employees whom I’ve met who started working here right after their high school degrees and now they have the same knowledge as Engineering graduates due to the amount of training they go through all the time.

As I mentioned, learning has many forms and another form of learning was going through the implementation of the LEAN project as it was a great experience meeting with people from all other teams from Sweden and Finland to spend days together involved in meetings and simulations to make our processes better. As Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Finally, being in such a dynamic environment, I’m totally sure that I won’t stop learning. Now there are new things to learn since we launched the industry-first managed Diameter Roaming Exchange (DRX) service for roaming on LTE/4G which strengthens our anywhereization concept. I’m sure it won’t stop at 4G since we are always ahead of the market; it is always great to keep learning in a field that never settles.

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