Dissecting the Internet backbone

Wednesday, May 6 2015

When we launched the movie ‘Life On Trial’, TSIC’s CEO Brendan Ives spoke about the main underlying message in his own blog post – essentially that  we are now constantly online and have become reliant on the Internet for our lives to function. As head of technology at this company there is one question our CEO raised that I believe is crucial to spend a few minutes thinking about – now that internet is real life and no longer just best effort, how can we prevent things from going wrong?

This vital question is in fact addressed by the follow-up film, where the conclusion is that the Internet is life, and it just has to work. It’s not enough to rely on just anybody to keep you connected and you need more than fibre in the ground in order to support your customers’ lives and businesses.

Internet traffic is growing every day and it’s necessary to constantly stay on top of this growth. In my role, it is critical that we continually review the way we operate our network, consider where we should build new network stretches and what equipment we should use. Crucially, we can’t forget about what we need to do when things go wrong because, to be honest with you, I know there will certainly be problems at some point. What is important is how we deal with them. Quite simply, my team needs to challenge everything on a daily business in order to deliver the best quality of experience for our collective end-users. What happens if a company can’t access information they store in the cloud or if a hospital can’t access vital patient records. What if a bank can’t provide their customers with online banking services?

Watch the follow-up movie and let us know what you believe defines a quality backbone.