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Eurasia for the long haul

5 years ago

Will TeliaSonera group’s withdrawal from Eurasia mean wholesale changes for the region? The answer is no – just retail.

Pardon that pun, but I want to be absolutely clear: while TeliaSonera’s retail arm is moving its focus to Europe, TeliaSonera International Carrier is committed to continuing to build our business including in Eurasia and Asia.

The reason, well let me put it this way: “International” is our middle name. As a carrier, our strength lies in delivering great services over a global backbone.

How this change will effect our customer base is yet to be seen. But I believe we are well positioned here. We pride ourselves on being just as accountable to our internal customers as we are to our external ones. So as these customers transition from being internal to external, we will still offer a well-established and competitive proposition.

Eurasia and Asia present an integral part of our growth ambitions. Why would we leave one of the world’s fastest growing regions? With new cables being laid all the time just to cope with the growing bandwidth demand, we’re not going anywhere.

The TSIC Asia team with Sales Director Russia and Asia, Henrik Almroth in the middle.


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