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4 years ago

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October 17th was the first time a larger data center event took place in Norway and the first time the DataCloud events focused on the Nordic Market. The timing of the event was actually really good as both Sweden and Norway during the last couple of days both announced that they propose to lower the tax on energy consumed by a data center. Norway will lower to 0,48 öre NOK/Kwh (0,05€cent; 0,06 centUS$) for data center of more than 5 MW while Sweden will lower to 0,5 öre SEK (00,05€cent; 0,06 centUS$) for data centers of more than 0,5 MW. This will make these two countries really attractive from a cost point of view. This along with green power, stable politics and the cool climate, will make the Nordic Market extremely attractive for the 60 – 100 large data centers the Broad Group predict we will need in Europe the next coming 5 years.

My personal involvement was as a speaker and panelist in the area around connectivity. My main focus was really to get all these new data center projects to really understand that even if you have the best data center with the greenest and cheapest power you still will be quite useless unless you have a good fiber connection in and out of the building. This has to be planned from the start and not something you can fix with your left hand 2 days before the launch.  I also managed to let people know I do not like the way the cross connect charges are developing (please add a comment if you want to discuss). I also got quite a few questions from the audience which was good.

Overall the feeling is that there are many great initiatives (some actually really fantastic) in the Nordic market and the future looks quite bright. We have Facebook in Sweden, Google in Finland and soon Apple in Denmark but the list of companies in need of space and power is long. Hopefully most of them will look towards the Nordics when they make their decisions.

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    Jani Mahkonen 4 years ago

    Based on the recent experience deploying around 70 site private network in Nordics, there is A LOT work to do on ground level. Promising is that it’s possible, but the cooperation between countries and ISP’s is far far away from domestic service levels. Quality is poor from order to delivery. Things might work in high level and core connections but for small/midsize company the service does not meet the requirements.

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