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We’re changing our purple. And our name!

4 years ago

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We’ve changed our name to Telia Carrier. It won’t make us run faster, jump higher or dance any better than before; but it’s a sign that we are continuing to evolve. It’s a small step in our journey to becoming a new generation telco.

What will this mean for our customers in practical terms? Well, aside from the massive 61% saving in the time it takes to read, write, or say our name – not much.

• Our website addresses will change – but the old ones will still work.
• Our legal name will change later in the year – but you’ll hear more about that.
• Our logo and name will be more simple and our purple will be more purple.

We’ll also be just as International as before, even without it in our name. In fact, we are now even more international. Today we opened up a new PoP! Read more.


This is Anywhereization

Always-on connectivity is eliminating the gap between here and there. We call this trend Anywhereization. And it’s changing the way we do everything

Anywhereization is not just a technological phenomenon. We are witnessing the demise of distance. Our shopping habits, entertainment and even relationships have become truly global. With increasing reliance on the cloud, and in a world where @ and # are hard currency, ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury – even at the basecamp on Mount Everest.

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