Challenging everything and changing the guard

Monday, July 11 2016


As I write this, I am very happy to report that Telia Carrier holds the #1 position in the Dyn global rankings for Backbone, Customer Base and Wholesale networks. This is, of course, a tremendous achievement that fills me with enormous pride. At the same time though, it is important to emphasize that we wouldn’t have reached this point without the incredible trust our customers place in us, every second of every day. And to keep delivering on this, we need to constantly raise the bar. Our strategy in this regard has three main principles:

  • Customer excellence at the center of everything we do
  • Remain true to our core – “innovate around connectivity, not beyond it”
  • Focus on speed and agility but never at the expense of quality

In order to enable and accelerate our ability to deliver an exceptional and effortless customer experience, I decided it was necessary to implement an organizational change effective 1 July. Most significantly, we’ve made the shift from a divisional (business line) structure to a functional one. The main changes include:

  • Creation of a single, service agnostic operations unit headed by Staffan Göjeryd who is now appointed COO. Staffan was previously head of our Data and Infrastructure business line and brings with him not only an impressive track record from his work at Telia Carrier, but also a wealth of experience from our Nordic retail operations.
  • Creation of a common global sales function (excluding voice trading) headed by Ivo Pascucci who is now appointed VP Sales. In his 5 years with us, Ivo has played a leading role in transforming our Americas business and propelling us to a market leadership position.

I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Mattias Fridström as Chief Evangelist (previously CTO). This is a vital appointment as we look to increase our level of engagement within an ever broader and increasingly complex ecosystem. Mattias will also provide dedicated executive level attention to a growing number of strategic initiatives, as well as being a key player in strategic technology decisions.

Simon Dodsworth and Robertas Nauseda will head up our specialist Voice Trading and Global Reach units respectively.

In a totally unrelated change, it is with mixed emotions that I announce my departure from Telia Carrier during 2016. After 15 years here I have been appointed CEO of a new business unit within Telia Company – I’ll get back to you with more on that and my farewells in due course. On the one hand, it is an honor to have been asked to take on a company which will play a vital role in accelerating our journey to become a New Gen Telco. On the other, I have never been more passionate about, and dedicated to, our purpose at Telia Carrier. So while the search for my successor is ongoing, I will be staying aboard to secure the transition and ensure that we don’t miss a beat.