Greetings from the North Pole

Monday, December 19 2016


OK, the North Pole might be a bit of a stretch. But Stockholm in December is not far off and with 2017 just around the corner, I’d like to take a brief look back at 2016. But before I do that, I should introduce myself. I’m Staffan Göjeryd (for obvious reasons, most people call me Staffan G.) and I’ve been CEO of Telia Carrier for 5 months now. I don’t really feel new though, considering that I first started at Telia 21 years ago. In most industries, that would be considered a very long time, but things move so fast in ours that it actually feels as though I have been doing something new every couple of years.

Of course, the technology we use is unrecognizable from 21 years ago, but the fundamentals are exactly the same. Firstly, we always need to be there for our customers, to give them connectivity they can count on and solve any problems along the way. Beyond that, if we can make our customers’ lives more simple, we become more valuable to them. That’s an area I think is extremely important. And one where I fully intend to continue the steps we have taken on this journey.

2016 has a been a good year for us. We started off battling it out for the #1 global backbone ranking, and by the time Dyn released their Bakers Dozen report in April, we were in the top spot. By the time champagne corks start popping on New Year’s eve, we will have:

  1. Carried around 35 Exabytes of data on our IP backbone.
  2. Delivered 12 billion voice minutes, which is about 23,000 years of talking!
  3. Added 23 new PoPs to our backbone, put Croatia on our map and jacked a start-up hub directly into our backbone to let big ideas grow. On the way, we uncovered the secrets of unicorn breeding.

Looking forward, 2017 promises to be an even more exciting year and my main mission is to make life even easier for you and your customers. In the mean time, I hope you have a fantastic holiday season and get to spend time with those who are special to you. Finally, and this might sound strange coming from me – don’t forget to be slightly unconnected for a while!

Staffan Göjeryd