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Seminar Invitation: Datacenters in Sweden

3 years ago

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On 1 January 2017, the Swedish Government lowered the energy tax for data centers dramatically by 97%, resulting in the lowest price for electricity in Europe. (Our Chief Evangelist, Mattias Fridström, wrote a blog post about it. Remember? If not, find it here.) This has been acknowledged all over the world and now The Embassy of Sweden in the United States, Business Sweden and Data Centers by Sweden would love to invite us and our friends to an exclusive meeting where we will dig further into this specific topic.

The invite says: “Gain insights from leading data center players in Sweden and industry experts on how Sweden can partner with you in a establishing a cost-effective presence in Northern Europe”.

Where and when?

  • Washington, DC
    Date: February 14, 12.15 pm – 4.30 pm Venue: House of Sweden, 2900 K St NW, Washington, DC
  • Silicon Valley, CA
    Date: February 16, 7.30 am – 10.00 am Venue: Ericsson Experience Center, 2795 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA

Find the full invite, the agenda, and the RSVP here. (And please, forward it to all your friends that might be interested!)

Have a great day!
/Siri Andersson

This is Anywhereization

Always-on connectivity is eliminating the gap between here and there. We call this trend Anywhereization. And it’s changing the way we do everything

Anywhereization is not just a technological phenomenon. We are witnessing the demise of distance. Our shopping habits, entertainment and even relationships have become truly global. With increasing reliance on the cloud, and in a world where @ and # are hard currency, ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury – even at the basecamp on Mount Everest.

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