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3 (great) reasons why Internet is the best valentines date ever

3 years ago

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Ah, It’s Valentines Day once again! For us who hasn’t found a date yet – look no further! You are already there. Internet is your date, and here’s why Internet will be the best Valentines date you’ve ever had:

1. Internet won ‘t hurt you
Internet won’t turn you down on this day. Internet won’t send flowers you potentially could be allergic to. Or chocolates filled with things you dislike, like liquor infused walnuts or something like that.

2. Internet has animals
Loads and (again) loads of cute animals are for you to find on the internet. Below you’ll find a couple of searches to start with, digging in to Google. You’re welcome.

  • “Watermelon hat cat”
  • “Taco dog”
  • “Confused cat”

3. Internet has Netflix
Yep. Seriously, though. Netflix exist thanks to the Internet and we all know that no Valentines day is complete without at least 5h of pure Netflix bliss. Thank you Internet. You’re the best!

And, not to forget (and on a more serious note): Billions of people that can’t share this special day with the ones they love use internet to connect with each other and there are thousands of stories out there about people who searched and found their long lost high school flirts through social media. Internet, you are enabling love and that’s why we love you.

Siri Andersson
Internet Fan No 1


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Always-on connectivity is eliminating the gap between here and there. We call this trend Anywhereization. And it’s changing the way we do everything

Anywhereization is not just a technological phenomenon. We are witnessing the demise of distance. Our shopping habits, entertainment and even relationships have become truly global. With increasing reliance on the cloud, and in a world where @ and # are hard currency, ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury – even at the basecamp on Mount Everest.

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