The Internet is now exposed!

Friday, February 24 2017


Finally I think we managed to get the Internet Exposed when our map of what Internet looks like (practically called Internet Exposed) was launched this morning. Internet Exposed is our way to make the Internet (with all cables, acronyms and animal threats) seem more understandable to a broader audience than not just our industry. Even though a clear majority of all the people I know are connected to Internet thru several devices every day, by far most of them have a knowledge level towards the lower end (and then I mean REALLY low) of the scale.

I think that Telia Carrier, as one of the key drivers behind Internet, plays a major role in educating the society about how Internet works and operates. The more people that understand how Internet works the more pressure it will be on the providers behind the Internet to live up to higher expectations. Thus, in the end, we will have a safer and stronger Internet for everyone. This is really a key component in the current digital “revolution” we all experience as I write these words.

Anyway, this was just some short thoughts about why we’ve created this map. Next time we will go deeper into the map and explain even further how it works. Until then: Download the map here and have a look at all detailed components. I really hope the shark we see here is the last shark we hear about attacking a cable.