Power to the user!

Thursday, April 27 2017


A few years back, we took a long hard look at ourselves and at what we do. And we saw you. The future you. The one who wants to smell via the Internet, and a 3D yoga instructor streamed live to your home. Or something else we can’t predict right now. What demands will that put on us as a network provider? On all of us in the carrier industry?

We started thinking about those demands and we thought about all the small ideas of today, which by tomorrow will be billion-dollar industries. The next game or social media networks and what they will require. How do we make sure we can meet those demands? Simply, by putting demands on ourselves and raising the bar in this industry. We developed a set of principles that we believe every carrier should live by. We call them the Carrier Declarations.

They mean the world to us and are our reason for being. To me, they’re six daily reminders of how we should think and the way we should approach everything we do, throughout the company. One of the declarations that resonates with me most is:

Power to the User

As one of the world’s top ranked carriers, we could tell our customers that we are the Internet. But that wouldn’t really be true. It’s their customers who are. It’s you, it’s me, it’s anyone whose device shows a network signal. The user is the be-all and end-all of the Internet. Period. That’s why everything we do – from technology upgrades to customer care – is about giving users a better experience. Users like Chris Dancy, who are smashing the barriers of our collective imagination. I see him as a peek into what the future holds.

But, before I get to the future, let’s revisit the past. I remember in the mid-90s, Telia tried to create a content portal to provide Internet for Sweden. It was basically a combination of a newspaper and a phonebook, because that’s what we knew. Sure, it was short-sighted at best, but so was everyone else at the time. We had no idea how the Internet would evolve into something created by everyone that uses it. As soon as this became clear, our job wasn’t to blow people’s minds. It was to let them blow each other’s minds.

This is what I think of when we declare “Power to the User”. Because the Internet is made up of extraordinary individuals like Chris Dancy who drive things forward. I see him as living proof that this is what connectivity will let all of us do. And we will be doing it soon. As a carrier, we need to be ready to support it on an advanced scale. To carry the big ideas of tomorrow.

So, yes. Power to you, the user. We’ll be prepared for wherever you want us to take you.

Seen the movie yet? If not – do it! And click here to read why we think Chris Dancy truly embodies our declaration ‘Power to the User’.