Local, local, local – on a global scale

Wednesday, June 7 2017

Monstein Brewery Telia Carrier

Don’t get us wrong – we love the Internet, but some things are best done face-to-face. It’s something we’ve learned from 25 years of running our own backbone: to truly understand local markets, you need to understand what’s happening beneath the surface ­– and you can only truly do that by being there.

As Livia, in our latest declaration film says, “If we were to brew the way they do at sea level… it wouldn’t taste that good”. Trying to do things exactly the same, regardless of location, can be a recipe for disaster. In Monstein, they needed to understand the effects that altitude has on the brewing process, and find ways to overcome them. In our industry, it’s about understanding local customs, regulations, geography and politics, and finding ways to ensure that they don’t impact on the quality of our global service.

In essence, we create global standards on a local scale. That means putting people where our customers are, from St Petersburg to Singapore and Panama to Palo Alto, to stay in close contact with our customers and understand their needs. Because the local knowledge that comes from working closely with our customers is one of the most important parts of our global backbone.

We also make customer support one of our highest priorities. When a customer chooses us to carry their business, we make sure we’re there for them whenever they need us. That means proactive network monitoring to solve problems that don’t yet exist. It means offering support in 24 different languages, around the clock, locally across three continents.

And we’re not just talking about call-center staff. We put our engineers in the front line – to solve problems directly. Let’s dig into that a bit. We are a global carrier. You, our customers, are basically everywhere. Being local of course also means having local knowledge. That is, we need to understand your culture and way of working. So we employ engineers from across the globe. Last we counted we were 35 nationalities, from every continent – except Antarctica. That means that someone in our organization will always truly understand where you’re coming from. Because at the end of the day, we believe that a global approach consists of local heads, local hearts and local knowledge.

The Monstein brewery film is a simple, yet effective illustration of the principle: Local, Local, Local. Everyone needs to adapt to their local conditions. In Monstein, they managed this and are brewing beer that is by all accounts sensational. But after the seeing the scenery in that film, I think I might just have to go there and judge it for myself.

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