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Tuesday, June 20 2017

Jessi Baker from Provenance

Do you want to understand blockchain? Just add sugar! We live in a complex world, and I get out of bed every day to simplify it. Because that’s what you have to do as a B2B marketer. In a world full of technology and buzzwords it all boils down to: ‘tell it like it is’ and let your audience see the benefits. Add to that a bigger purpose, one that triggers the human need for belonging, and you have your story.

All of the above can be found in the story of Provenance, which is why its founder Jessi Baker is one of the people who inspires us and our Carrier Declarations. What Jessi and the team from Provenance are doing, using blockchain to provide supply chain transparency, brings blockchain into the real world in a way that makes it easy to understand.

But there’s more to it. What Provenance is enabling is part of a broader change that we’ve seen happening for a while. It can be summed up with the three Ts: Transparency, Technology and Trust. Companies that are willing to be transparent, and use technology to prove they are authentic, are earning the trust of their customers.

I was lucky enough to be present during the production of the film about Provenance and to meet with Jessi Baker. I was really impressed not just with her drive and ambition, but her understanding of what transparency can mean for businesses. It lays down a challenge – to be good enough to be able to tell it like it is. As Jessi says, “Transparency is not just a marketing strategy for the next season, but will be the foundation of their business for the future.”

At Telia Carrier, we are big believers in transparency. When our customers understand exactly what’s happening – in their world and in ours – they can gain greater value from our services. And thanks to companies like Provenance we look forward to not only enjoying our coffee, but knowing exactly where it came from.

And what about the sugar? Watch the film and you’ll understand.