PEOPLE@CARRIER: Erik Håkansson

Wednesday, August 30 2017


In the blog series “People@Carrier” we’re getting a glimpse of the life within Telia Carrier. The first employee we’re getting closer to is a person that has become known in the organization because of his positive spirit and “can-do”-attitude. Let’s go!

Q: Hola, Erik! Tell us about your work! What’s your quest?
A: Hey! I manage all sales and purchase contracts for Telia Carrier AB, Hong Kong, Singapore and within the Nordic-Baltic region. My role as Contract Manager is to make sure that we have the most efficient and sustainable workflow for the contracts process. With our international business, it is common to face various inquiries from both customers and vendors. Ensuring the best experience and smoothness is important, combining streamlining and flexibility for both our partners and ourselves.

Q: Tell us about the journey to your current position! How come you’re working here?
A: I have been a Telia Company employee since early 2013, I started as a summer worker at Telia Sweden Customer Care, working with consumers. After a short time there I moved on to only working towards enterprise customers. Roughly, 1.5 years ago I felt like I needed to widen my view and applied for my current position at Telia Carrier. And I got it!

Q: And we’re almost too happy about that! As a child, what was your dream job?
A: At first I wanted to become an archaeologist, influenced by Indiana Jones. 
But then, after seeing Jurassic Park, I wanted to be a paleontologist. I think paleontologist hung in there for a bit longer than archaeologist, so my answer will be paleontologist.

Q: Cool! What does a normal day at work look like, here? No dinosaurs, I guess?
A: In short: A normal day at work involves collecting signatures and returning these to both co-workers and customers, having coffee or lunch with my dear colleagues and last but not least getting involved in the telecoms buzz in social media.

Q: What is the best thing with working at Telia Carrier? 
A: The best thing with working at Telia Carrier is both the amazing colleagues and also the fact that it is an international telecoms company. It’s really a fantastic experience to be a part of a journey where we’re constantly trying to figure out the needs of the future end users.

Q: Tell us about your first encounter with the internet!
A: I think my first notable encounter with the internet and its possibilities was around 2001, through gaming. I was mostly playing Quake and Counter Strike, maxing out the capacity of Telia’s ISDN 64kb/s. Times two, of course, also occupying the phone line.

Q: If you could nominate only one of your co-workers to a prize, let’s call it ”Friendly Co-worker of The Year”, which means that this person also will be next up in line for an interview in the Anywhereization Blog – who would it be?
A: Hmm… Tricky question! There is a whole bunch of them to choose from, to say the least. But the person I would nominate is inspiring, social and always in a good mood. You always know where to find him and he’s always eager to share both his wisdom and his skiing jacket. (In case you do not have one and you are going skiing the next day. What a friend!) 
I would like to nominate Mr. Gabriel Klefbom! Hooray!

Q: I know you and Mr. Klefbom, together with some other co-workers, are rating all the lunch places nearby our HQ. (FYI: There’s an advanced MS Excel sheet where they do this.) For all customers, partners and employees visiting our HQ in Solna – where do you find the best lunch?
A: We’ve been located in Solna for less than a week but I’ve discovered that there is a restaurant named Basilica in Mall of Scandinavia that serves great traditional Swedish food! Meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy is never a bad decision.

Name: Erik Håkansson
Age: 23 y/o
Location: Solna, Sweden
Title: Contract Manager
Twitter: @hakanssonerik
LinkedIn: Erik Håkansson