PEOPLE@CARRIER: Gabriel Klefbom

Friday, September 8 2017


In the blog series “People@Carrier” we’re getting a glimpse of the life within Telia Carrier. The first employee we got closer to was Erik Håkansson, Contract Manager, who nominated his colleague Gabriel Klefbom, Senior Account Manager, to be next up in line for an interview. Gabriel is known by the most of us as a social genius and an ambitious, yet very down to earth, person really contributing to the friendly atmosphere at our HQ in Solna, Sweden.

Q: Hey Gabriel! You were nominated by Erik Håkansson to this interview – how does it feel? A: I’ve got the same feeling as when they named Sweden’s newest Prince after me – it’s an honor, we had a great “fyrklöver” at Stureplan where we had a lot of fun. I obviously share the nomination together with Marianne Oredsson Persson, Carina Hjelte and Maria Kilinc which are all great colleagues.

Q: Tell us about your work! What are your responsibilities? What does a normal work day look like? 
A: I work as an Account Manager in the NoBa team. Currently I’m covering all Mobile Data services in the Nordics and Baltics. There is a lot of focus on cross selling Mobile Data to IP-transit customers and vice versa so I’m working close to the rest of my team that handles the Data Infra products to find new opportunities. A normal day I would say consists of a couple of hours emailing, running around in the Solna office (since I manage the Telia Company accounts), plenty of customer meetings and some internal meetings too. Somewhere in between, we squeeze in lunch to be able to fill our list over the lunch alternatives here in Solna.

Q: I’ve stalked you on LinkedIn and discovered you’ve been working within Telia Company for almost 20 years. What’s the best thing about working here? 
A: I have been around for a long time and I really enjoy it! My friends are betting on when I will get a tattoo saying “Telia Company” on my neck but I think I’ll aim for the golden watch instead. I think Telia Company is a great place to work and there are so many exciting opportunities here. I started my career at Customer Care in Luleå while I studied and since then I’ve had several positions, both in the Swedish retail organization but also within Telia Carrier. I’m currently at my best position so far: I enjoy meeting people and building relationships in an international context which makes account management at Telia Carrier perfect for me.

Q: Telia Carrier has decided to live by six principles called ”The Carrier Declarations”  – which one is your favorite and why?
A: #4 Dare to Share – Especially when I handle the Telia Company accounts it is crucial to be transparent and share both positive things but also Dare to Share the not so good. Transparency build trust and trust build relationships –  and good relationships is what builds our business.

Q: You’re in charge for an advanced sheet in MS Excel where you’re rating all the lunch places surrounding our HQ  – where do you find the best lunch nearby our office?
A: The list is growing each day but this far the highest score is held by the restaurant 1847, located in Friends Arena. They always serve three dishes: Fish, meat and one vegetarian. They also have a good salad buffet and some complimentary “fika” after lunch. We rate the restaurants 1-10 based on quantity, quality, service, price and extras. We are always looking for good value for our lunch money so all this should fit under 100kr otherwise the quality parameter must offset the price level.

Q: Now, your task is to nominate a person to be next up for an interview in the Anywhereization blog – who will it be and why?
A: I would like to nominate the fantastic Dorota Iwaszko, located in Warsaw. She is always positive and the things she doesn’t know about the voice business is not worth knowing. I had the pleasure to spend some extra days in Warsaw due to the Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud 2010. Dorota and Roxana Rauk were excellent hosts and Dorota is apparently still driving her “Precious”. Might be worth asking some questions regarding that!

 Gabriel Klefbom
Age: 41
Title: Senior Account Manager
Twitter: @aklefbom