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Winner at World Communication Awards 2017

2 years ago

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We are happy to announce that we’ve received the “Best Customer Care” award at World Communication Awards 2017. A great recognition for our Customer Service team, lead by Anna von Gegerfelt, and all people in customer contact in the organization. And the motivation? We’re blushing!

“Telia Carrier submitted a comprehensive entry in this category, describing its multi-national and multi-lingual customer care team, its proactive approach to customer care, the establishment of customer flow-focused journeys, and its efforts to improve communication. It included statistics to show how its customer care has improved, namely a consistently growing net promoter score (NPS) and business growth data. 

But most importantly, Telia Carrier was able to show that its customers are happy, sharing a number of glowing testimonials. 

The judges highlighted the way Telia has rationalized the number of touch points between different parts of the company and brought customer care closer to the customer. ”The results prove how much Telia is focused on customer experience. Definitely a reference in the industry,” one of the judges said, while another praised Telia Carrier for its ”simple but powerful way of increasing customer satisfaction.”

With that said: Hooray! Let’s celebrate!


This is Anywhereization

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