The story about CoCo

Friday, February 23 2018


A couple of days ago our CMO, Rickard Bäcklin, approached me at my desk with a worried face. “I’ve receieved an invoice”, he said. “An invoice for a domain name I’ve never heard of before. And neither Sara or Siri knows about this.”

“What domain?”, I asked.

“I don’t remember exactly, but it was something about Coco”, he answered. And I got sent back to a heartwarming memory. Let me tell you a story!

For a long time I had always dreamt of naming my own IT system. I can’t explain why, but it was just one of those bucket list things that stuck to me. Like, some people has specific countries they just HAVE to visit and some dream of space travels. (Which no longer is the unachievable dream it once was. I’m looking at you, Elon.)

6 years ago, during my time as CTO, Procurement was under my responsibility and to get rid of a massive (and not very user friendly) Excel sheet I decided to build an IT system to get better control of information about some of our services we were purchasing. A new IT system, of course, needs a name and all of a sudden it struck me that I was the one in the position to give this newborn beast a name!

As I tried to come up with a name, I felt like this task was to big to handle myself and I decided to arrange a competition. Anyone in the company could contribute with a suggestion, but I would be the single judge. In the end, I think I had more than 30 suggestions, but I fell for CoCo as it was a pun and a smart shortening of Cost Control. CoCo! I do believe it was my co-worker Alexander Corbett, Senior IT Architect at the time, who dropped CoCo as a suggestion.

All the information we kept in CoCo is, since way back, migrated to and integrated in Salesforce – but CoCo will always have a special place in my heart as the first and, so far, only IT system that I’ve given a name. This is one of my favourite memories from all my years in the company. Let me know if you want me to share some more!