Being relevant in the age of Consumers

Tuesday, April 3 2018


We say “power to the user”, and we love our users. We love you. What would we be without you? Your communication, media usage, networking, banking, gaming is what we build our backbone to carry. We are nothing without you. The question is not why we love you, but why you should love us?

What this day and age tells us, is that regardless of whether we do business with consumers, enterprises or wholesalers, it all boils down to relationships, trust and the ease of doing business with us. For me this means that we need significantly step up our game in two main areas: Communication in one corner, and the provision of trustworthy operations in the other.

Communication wise, we as a traditional wholesale telco need to start thinking Consumer market. It is no longer enough to be available through the traditional channels. We need to be accessible when our customers’ needs us, through the channels they prefer. Previously I’ve written about our Local Local Local approach, where we employ engineers from all the world to be able to match our customers’ culture and language.

The next step is to extend our accessibility even further, to new channels ways of communication. The launch of our new Customer Service Portal was one step, now we are opening up Chat Support, enabling you to chat directly without support engineers, with queries on our services, our reach, or ongoing disturbances. Try it out! Say hello!

Operationally the challenge it is quite simple, or almost impossible at the same time, we need to fix things before you notice them. We need to be one, or even two, steps ahead of the game. Basically we need to be able to predict the future. Since the days of Nostradamus mankind has obsessed about predicting the future. Can it be done? Has technology finally caught up?

Maybe we haven’t yet learnt to predict the future, but we are coming very close with modern AI. The challenge as I see it lies in introducing Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, Automatic Provisioning and a bunch of other smart tools without losing the human touch. At the end of the day, you as a customer still wants to talk with us on a person-to-person basis. How do we combine that with the use of artificial intelligence?

In my dream scenario, and we are well on our way, we provide our support engineers with machine learning tools, robotics and big data analytics to speed up the fault analysis phase and improve our proactive maintenance. The time we free up by having more data easy at hand we spend on better communication, providing transparent information through our portal, proactive maintenance and most importantly engaging with you as our customer. Through our new chat for example, taking us back to the first half of the challenge ahead.

Don’t be shy! Try out chatting with us! We’d love to hear from you!