Edge, cows, Austin and Edge again

Friday, May 18 2018


It’s been a while since I last blogged about something, but here we go. A couple of days ago I was in Austin, Texas at the Big Communications Event, where I participated in a panel discussion about “the Edge”. The full title was “Distributed intelligence: What will it really cost”. With me I had Phill Lawson-Shanks from EdgeConneX and Aaron Jones from Calix. This basically ended up as a great discussion around the edge, led nicely by our moderator Mari Silbey from Light Reading. Hard to draw any real conclusions but it is clear that a balanced combination of core and edge is really the key for all of us in the Carrier industry to find.

How close do we need to move our network to get to all the data centers and end users we need to reach? To build on this topic, I have also, together with The Local, written an article to explain a bit more about what the edge really is, and why it is important. It is a very general piece, focused on readers who are not really familiar with the terms we use and talk about every day. Happy reading! I’m excited that I got to use cows in my explanation! Naturally, it comes with a twist to let every reader understand that their next Data Center, large or small, should be located in the Nordics and ideally in Sweden.

To round “edge” things up, I will be in Amsterdam next week at an EdgeConneX event, speaking about why the Edge is important. Maybe a complete overload of Edge this month but sharp focus has never been a bad thing!