Some thoughts from Capacity Europe 2018

Friday, November 2 2018


Capacity Europe is over for this time being! Monica Avby-Strahm, VP Global Reach at Telia Carrier, went there for a bunch of great meetings and has summarised her thoughts from the event. Happy reading!

So, what were the news from the Capacity Europe event in London this year? Well, the set-up was the same as every time: You feel like you are speed-dating through 10-20 meetings per day. You see the same people, a couple of new ones, shake a lot of hands, exchange network maps and present your latest re-organization.

From an Enterprise perspective, there were a couple of highlights: Global Internet, Cloud and Digitalization. If we start with Cloud, there were a lot of billboards and stands all over the Capacity Europe event showing the “simple way to access the cloud”. Yes, Enterprises are looking to access their cloud applications in a simple way. Internet traffic is going local and Global Enterprises are expecting instant connections to their applications where needed, with no latency. For the network department, this creates three types of challenges: A performance and security challenge, a cost efficiency challenge, and an agility and complexity challenge. Cloud adoption is really what is reshaping WAN traffic patterns. The fact is that not every service provider is well connected/peered with great granularity. Keep a close eye on the players that will be able to offer global networking in combination with close and instant cloud access to critical applications in a secure way. These will be the winners!

So what about Digitalization?  Last year, APIs were fairly new, but not anymore. It is more a discussion on how to interconnect via APIs or, in a first step, via list prices to be able to quickly get an indication of price levels and availability from providers. The take away for Enterprise pricing: APIs is the way or it is the highway. Customers are looking to get price indications for services through an online interface, a portal, but they are expecting as well to be able to view and administer their full engagement online. Even though we talk a lot about digitalization, for Enterprises, the most important parts to start the business are people, relationships and a fabulous network supporting you with quality, coverage and price – such as Telia Carrier’s AS1299! 🙂

Thirdly, let’s look at Global Internet as a means to cost-efficiently reach SaaS and Web services, particularly for branch offices. A couple of niche players, aggregators, have been better at responding to, in an agile way, provide Internet access. These aggregators got an impressive amount of attention at the event, as they are showing strong growth of revenue, but their revenue is coming from low levels. Enterprises are looking to cut costs and they believe that Internet accesses will be quicker and cheaper, but still reliable. Internet access will take off to new levels looking at the SD-WAN hype like solutions in the US. Whatever happens in the SD-WAN space, the Internet offer for Enterprise is fulfilling a need to connect cheaper. For SD-WAN there is still little standardization and the business that is done is based on customization. At the same time, Enterprises are looking for a fairly secure and reliable internet solutions as DIA, but are only willing to pay for Broadband with a local pricing “touch”. It will be interesting to see the how network providers will step-up to meet the challenge of these aggregators, although we will probably see most providers offering Internet Access on top of their own network only where it make sense. In summary, Enterprises are demanding quality in Global Internet offerings.

It feels good to know that Telia Carrier is ready and well positioned to meet the above trends with a #1 backbone. As we say, price, coverage, quality, security, simplicity and people makes the deal or we could simply say AS1299!

Kind regards,

Monica Avby-Strahm
Vice President, Global Reach