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Winners at the World Communications Awards 2018

1 year ago

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We are extremely proud and humble to announce that we have been awarded, not only once, but twice (!) at the World Communications Awards (WCA) 2018: Both ‘The UX Award’ and as the ‘Best Wholesale Operator’.

“This is a tremendous honor and acknowledgment of our sustained company-wide focus to deliver industry-leading services that enable our customers to offer a better end user experience”, says our CEO, Staffan Göjeryd, about this achievement.

Thank you to all our customers who trusts us to be the backbone of your business. These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Click here to read the full press release about the award.


This is Anywhereization

Always-on connectivity is eliminating the gap between here and there. We call this trend Anywhereization. And it’s changing the way we do everything

Anywhereization is not just a technological phenomenon. We are witnessing the demise of distance. Our shopping habits, entertainment and even relationships have become truly global. With increasing reliance on the cloud, and in a world where @ and # are hard currency, ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury – even at the basecamp on Mount Everest.

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