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Dropping RPKI invalid prefixes

2 months ago

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Telia Carrier/AS1299 is now as the first tier-1 dropping RPKI invalid prefixes from both customers & peers. We’re hoping for more networks and operators to join us for a more resilient and stable Internet.

Our customers can continue to use RTBH functionality (if enabled for their service) for validated prefixed just as before. We have no plan to drop prefixes without ROAs/unknowns.

You can learn more about our efforts in improving Internet routing security on the BGP & Routing section on our website.

If you want to register ROAs for your own IP space there are different processes and support depending on which Regional Internet Registry assigned your address space. The following links should help:

This is Anywhereization

Always-on connectivity is eliminating the gap between here and there. We call this trend Anywhereization. And it’s changing the way we do everything

Anywhereization is not just a technological phenomenon. We are witnessing the demise of distance. Our shopping habits, entertainment and even relationships have become truly global. With increasing reliance on the cloud, and in a world where @ and # are hard currency, ubiquitous connectivity is no longer a luxury – even at the basecamp on Mount Everest.

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