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Let there be (intelligent) light

5 months ago

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As businesses worldwide keep on investing in technical infrastructure and innovative tools to build smart, connected organizations, the demand for capacity has reached new levels. The result is growing pressure on the fiber optic backbone networks of service providers and internet content providers alike.

To help meet the demands of digital transformation, carriers will need to find ways of increasing the usability of their networks. As part of the softwareization trend, network data can be “surfaced” in order to increase visibility, enabling the sharing of data with other applications such as AI and ML for analysis.

Through softwareization of what used to be very inflexible optical networks carriers can now leverage the data and through smart ways use all available resources in a much more efficient way – thus both increasing the quality while saving on cost.  

Want to learn more on this topic? Download a free copy of our white paper jointly written by Infinera and Telia Carrier: Intelligent Light – The Softwareization of Optical Networks.

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