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Bernd Hoogkamp, Telia Carrier

Data center capacity will ramp up in 2021

4 May 2021

Europe’s four leading data center markets (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris) are expected to see 415...
Bernd Hoogkamp, Telia Carrier

Everything you wanted to know about SD-WAN

3 Feb 2021

Industry analysts such as Gartner predict that SD-WAN is on its way to become the de facto option for WAN...

The impact of IPX – past, future and present

1 Nov 2017

In the most recent ROCCO report about IPX, Telia Carrier was mentioned as one of the five leading IPX...

Taking the Mobile Leap to Innovation

11 Apr 2016

At TSIC, We believe strongly that connectivity is critical to global innovation. In some parts of the...

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