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Four telecoms predictions for 2021

11 Dec 2020

In an article in Capacity, our Chief Evangelist, Mattias Fridström shared what the events of 2020 will...

The corporate WAN – it’s time to transform

10 Nov 2020

Our newest report has found that corporate WANs are not delivering on their promises in a number of key...

The Rise of Hybrid Networks

29 Sep 2020

If the public Internet could speak in its own defense, it would likely quote Mark Twain’s London 1897...

The Internet Backbone Spoils Us

26 May 2020

It’s hard to imagine life without the internet, but in all reality, it wasn’t born until 1991, and that...

Let there be (intelligent) light

11 May 2020

As businesses worldwide keep on investing in technical infrastructure and innovative tools to build...

When Choosing a Cloud On-Ramp, Go for Simplicity

29 Jan 2020

Cloud is king. Today, about 95 percent of enterprises have adopted cloud computing strategies and more...

AI, ML and MEF

17 Dec 2019

In November, Telia Carrier attended MEF19 in Los Angeles for a joint Proof of Concept demo together with...

Debunking connectivity myths in Las Vegas

5 Dec 2019

The dramatic shift within Enterprise networking over recent years has created a new world of truths. Next...

OFC and the Digital Journey, Where the Enterprise Boldly Goes

10 Apr 2019

Greetings from San Diego – ‘Americas finest city’. A few weeks ago, I was there for the Optical Fiber...

Edge, cows, Austin and Edge again

18 May 2018

It’s been a while since I last blogged about something, but here we go. A couple of days ago I was in...

The story about CoCo

23 Feb 2018

A couple of days ago our CMO, Rickard Bäcklin, approached me at my desk with a worried face. “I’ve...

Will augmented be your new reality?

15 Sep 2017

Remember that Zombie warning we gave you back in 2014? It’s coming true. As I watched Apple launching its...

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