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CEO BLOG: Shaping a New Era of Customer Excellence

1 Jun 2021

Today signals the start of a new era for Telia Carrier as we officially become a standalone company with...

CEO Blog: Building a Culture of Excellence

25 Feb 2021

When it comes down to choosing a service provider, there are many things to consider – from product...

CEO Blog: Five Predictions in 2021

12 Feb 2021

As we prepare for 2021, what are the opportunities and challenges that are part of the aftermath of a...

CEO Blog: An Even Brighter Future

6 Oct 2020

This morning, Telia Company announced that it has agreed to divest the Telia Carrier business and related...

The coronavirus: connecting the world @home

19 Mar 2020

As Covid-19 spreads, affecting almost every country in the world, there have been rapid and profound...

Challenge everything! Starting with ourselves.

10 May 2017

In my last blog post, I explained why one of our Carrier Declarations, “Power to The User”, is at the...

Power to the user!

27 Apr 2017

A few years back, we took a long hard look at ourselves and at what we do. And we saw you. The future...

Greetings from the North Pole

19 Dec 2016

OK, the North Pole might be a bit of a stretch. But Stockholm in December is not far off and with 2017...

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