Choose Your Allies Carefully

4 May 2016

We all know that Internet traffic is growing every day. In my role as CTO at Telia Carrier, it is crucial...

Life on trial and the death of telecommunications as we know it

1 Jun 2015

‘Life on Trial’ is a compelling short film about a content provider but it got me thinking about the...

Is this the end of life as we know it?

20 Apr 2015

Have you seen our new short film yet? It’s just been released and it’s already making waves. We wanted to...

Is West Africa ready for Anywhereization?

13 Apr 2015

The internet can be seen as a ubiquitous commodity in most developed countries, and being able to get...

The Internet of (No)things

10 Feb 2015

Many historical firsts are nigh on impossible to pinpoint. Who lit the first fire? Who invented the first...

The Bones of Contention

2 Dec 2014

To the sound of popping corks and effervescing champagne, I’m proud to announce that I’ve just added a...

99 Problems and the Net ain’t one

22 Oct 2014

Don’t let the name deceive you. The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) meetings have long...

TSIC is growing in Asia!

21 Oct 2014

With a growing number of customers and a growing team in Asia, our Singapore office is moving. Our new...

Connectivity: first world problem or basic human right?

9 Oct 2014

We were recently served a dose of perspective. As a carrier, our main internet challenge is to meet the...

4 Key take aways from Capacity Eurasia

22 Sep 2014

It was great to be in warm and sunny Istanbul last week and to meet and listen to many of our carrier and...

Innovating connectivity to navigate today’s trends and network challenges

24 Jun 2014

At the IIR WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking event in Nice, France, this week much is being...

The world really is flat(tening)

9 Jun 2014

As late as the 19th century, English inventor Samuel Rowbotham suggested that the Earth was a flat disc....

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