Tag: Anywhereization

We’ve dug a brand new route to the Polar circle!

6 Feb 2017

Money was about to pour out of the Internet, and anyone who had fiber was going to get some. Or so the...

Is West Africa ready for Anywhereization?

13 Apr 2015

The internet can be seen as a ubiquitous commodity in most developed countries, and being able to get...

The Internet of (No)things

10 Feb 2015

Many historical firsts are nigh on impossible to pinpoint. Who lit the first fire? Who invented the first...

Connectivity: first world problem or basic human right?

9 Oct 2014

We were recently served a dose of perspective. As a carrier, our main internet challenge is to meet the...

Gamescom for real 2014

28 Aug 2014

Gamescom was really buzzing this year, so much so that it sold out completely. At one stage day tickets...

The world really is flat(tening)

9 Jun 2014

As late as the 19th century, English inventor Samuel Rowbotham suggested that the Earth was a flat disc....

5 trends from SXSW

26 Mar 2014

TeliaSonera International Carrier’s partner Peter Rosdahl, from the online strategy agency For...

Keeping customers in the core

18 Dec 2013

At TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC), customer demand drives our decisions. Nowadays when everyone...

Dreamhack and the Art of Cloud Making

3 Dec 2013

Dreamhack isn’t just your ordinary, everyday gaming meet in the middle of the Swedish pine forests. It is...

Adding 11,500 miles of fiber to AS1299

19 Nov 2013

Today we are adding 11,500 miles of fiber to our North American backbone. It’s a big extension, so why...

Chasing the perfect stream

18 Nov 2013

Internet penetration rates in Latin America are still relatively low compared to established markets...

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