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Dare to share!

20 Jun 2017

Do you want to understand blockchain? Just add sugar! We live in a complex world, and I get out of bed...

Trust in transparency

20 Jun 2017

Data means nothing if you can’t trust it. So in an increasingly data-driven world, trust is becoming the...
Lily Hevesh, Domino Expert, Telia Carrier

Be a control freak!

23 May 2017

Actually, control freaks are great to work with. I’ve always liked people who are thorough in nature....

Your unofficial guide to the internet!

23 May 2017

What would you do with 15000 dominos, the world’s greatest domino engineer and the patience of a saint?...

Challenge everything! Starting with ourselves.

10 May 2017

In my last blog post, I explained why one of our Carrier Declarations, “Power to The User”, is at the...

Power to the user!

27 Apr 2017

A few years back, we took a long hard look at ourselves and at what we do. And we saw you. The future...

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